What is this?

‘VJKRGN’ is my own magazine where I’m the reporter, journalist, curator, editor and publisher. Isn’t this the beauty of blogging? As a true idea-hopper, my interests are varied and there’s a time for each of those interests and the blog would reflect that bandwidth and variety. This blog is not the mouthpiece of any political party or a religious organisation or any other ideology or movement. This is just simply my mouthpiece.

Who are you?

Just another blogger. I love writing. I believe in this idea that ‘if there’s an article that you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it’. Not the best informed and the articles are not based on thorough research either. Neither neutral nor unbiased but just truthful – to myself.

What will this blog achieve?

This blog has achieved that what it had to, the moment it started publishing my articles. There’s no further achievement or accomplishment planned for the blog. What does a pen achieve? It inks your words on paper. This blog records my thoughts on internet.

Why write?

Why do we do things that we enjoy? Because we enjoy. It gives you sense of satisfaction and pleasure if not happiness. I enjoy writing. Hence I write.