What is VJKRGN? That’s me, Vijayakrishna(VJK) Ranganathan(RGN).

VJKRGN is all about my thoughts and opinions and yours too if you care to comment. I’m not the best-informed person but that’s no reason not to have a thought or an opinion. And there are no right or wrong things about opinions which makes it convenient to be opinionated. Talk about anything, there are people who say yes and there are people who say no. You’ll always find company. Even if you have no opinion, you’ll still have company.

VJKRGN is my own magazine where I’m the reporter, journalist, curator, editor and publisher. Isn’t this the beauty of blogging? As a true idea-hopper, my interests are varied and there’s a time for each of those interests and the blog would reflect that bandwidth and variety. This blog is not the mouthpiece of any political party or a religious organisation or any other ideology or movement. This is just simply my mouthpiece and boy, am I not biased!

What am I writing in this blog? Just about anything. I love the freedom of a personal blog. No agenda. No schedules. No sponsored posts. Most of my posts would revolve around stuff I read, hear, discuss and see. I could be writing mostly about my past and present experiences and my observations of people, principles and practices around me.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, please use the contact form or mail me at vjkrgnATgmailDOTcom.

That’s about it! Cheers!